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Choose Wisely: How to Pick Your Brand's Social Media Platforms

In digital marketing there is a temptation to jump on the latest and greatest trends, and that includes social media platforms. Almost every month there is a trendy new social media platform or app that has the trendsetters in a frenzy. But does this mean that your brand should jump on board, open a profile, and start messaging away?

The answer to this is, maybe. Maybe you should get on board, maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s discuss why.

Social Media Apps. Photo by Jason Howie Social Media Apps. Photo by Jason Howie

Limited Resources

The fact of the matter is most brands have limited resources. Even the major ones need to be conscious of spending and if something doesn’t cut the mustard, it will get cut from the budget. So before you launch into something new, you want to do some analysis to make sure it’s worth your time and resources. You definitely don’t want something that is working to take a backseat to something that you haven’t done any research on.

This doesn’t mean you should move at a glacial pace when considering new trends. If this is how your brand functions then your digital marketing will be antiquated by yesterday.

But you do want to be strategic. So after covering your bases and making sure what’s working keeps working, then you can allocate remaining resources to researching the new concepts.

Strategic Positioning

Consider your strategic position both in terms of where your audience is, and how your message is best communicated. Yes, perhaps your audience is on Foursquare. But if you are not a brick and mortar shop, then maybe this isn’t the best platform to communicate your message (we’re not saying it’s for sure not the first platform because crazier things have happened, we’re just saying consider your options first). 

Are you a B2B focusing all your effort on Facebook? Then you’re missing out the gargantuan opportunity that is LinkedIn. And check out LinkedIn before you launch your SnapChat account. Consider what’s working and what may bring about the best ROI in terms of time and money before you dive into the latest and greatest.