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Seven Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing

Video can't and shouldn't be ignored. It can be a powerful tool to reach people and can be an online marketer’s BFF if she/he isn't intimidated by it. 

For YouTube alone, there are more than 1 billion unique users each month, over 6 billion hours of video watched each month, 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, and it reaches more U.S. adults ages 18 to 34 than any cable network. 

Video works wonders for advertisers as well. To learn more, you can check out our page on web video production.

Now that you're convinced you should utilize video, you might be wondering how exactly to incorporate it into your online marketing mix. Here are some key ways to do so.

Video Social Channels: YouTube, Vine, etc.

Naturally you must include the major video-specific social networks: YouTube and Vine. But video easily incorporates into most other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. What you want to think about is tailoring your approach for each platform. 

For instance, with YouTube, you have the ability to customize your brand page with categories. As a brand, you can make yourself into more of an authority by creating videos relevant to your audience and labeling them in a way most helpful to your customers. Are you a technology company with a few different lines of products or services? Categorize your videos so that customers can easy identify videos for a specific product or service.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to get started with video and can be a huge value-add for your customers. Walk your customers through your products and/or services. Do a demo online. Use graphics to creatively visualize complex concepts. I bet once you start, you'll begin to think of a lot more topics to do videos on because, generally speaking, most videos don't need to be more than a few minutes. If you cram too much information into one video, then viewers might get overwhelmed.

Video Blog

You may think you don't have reasons to regularly create videos. You don't have a lot of products so tutorials may not make much sense. But you probably have a lot of expertise on your team. Especially as a service provider or a consultant, customers hire you because of your knowledge. Why don't you showcase some of that knowledge in a regular vlog (video log). Highlight major industry trends and what they mean for your customers. You'll turn your website and social channels into a key source of relevant and current information they can consume in short video clips.

User Generated Campaigns

Once you get started on video social platforms, try a User Generated Campaign (UGC) where customers showcase your products or their own experiences with your brand. If running a contest, you can incorporate a voting process to identify a winner or randomly select a winner. Participants will have their work featured online and will get excited about the self-publicity. 


Email is a powerful tool to push video views. Don't forget to incorporate new videos into your email campaigns. Let subscribers know new videos are available, link to them, and explain how watching the video will be valuable.


As with everything else, you want to make sure your video is mobile friendly. Make sure to test videos on mobile devices. Can you easily find the video or is your website complicated and cumbersome to use on a mobile device? If you have trouble, you should re-evaluate your video platform and website CMS.


Do you host webinars? Be sure to record them and make them available online. Some may be available just to subscribers, but consider some free and publicly available videos that anyone can access. They will likely encourage more signups.

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