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8 Trend Spotting Tools for the Digital Marketer

Have you found yourself in a situation where everyone was talking about a hashtag or YouTube video that you’d never heard of? Digital marketing leaders and especially social media and content marketers need every tool they can get their hands on to stay ahead of the trending game. By incorporating popular and applicable trends into your messaging, you can gain a vast audience that wouldn’t otherwise know about you.

If you need help identifying trending topics, here is a list of tools you can add to your repertoire.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr: chase_elliott Photo Courtesy of Flickr: chase_elliott

Trend Spotting Tools

This website is as the address implies. It will help you stay on top of trending videos and topics in the social space. Subscribe to their YouTube and Twitter channels for updates throughout the day.

YouTube: Popular Worldwide

This auto-generated channel will give you an overview of videos hitting high view counts.

This site is the epicenter of memes and quizzes. Designed to pass the 10-second attention span test, everything is easily sharable. They also have handy categories like LOL, WTF, OMG, and Cute.

MSN News

When we see subject lines on MSN News that are also on other sites, we know for sure something is going viral. This site is helpful to know what topics are moving from the edges of trashy social media to more mainstream commentary. 

Twitter and Facebook Trends

Both social sites have trending subjects listed on their main pages. Check these daily to get a sense for any hot-of-the-press subjects.

Curation and Analysis

Once you identify possible trends, how do you curate and analyze them? Here are some tools for just that.

Hshtags is a social media search engine that curates content with the applicable hashtag or @ user. You can see actual posts containing those search terms to get a feel for what people are saying about them.


This website will show you content and influencers related to search terms. For content, it will show you the number of shares per article. For influencers, it shows you stats that make up their influence, such as followers, page rank, retweet ratio, etc.

What did we miss? Post a comment to share your favorite trending resources.