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Don’t Think of Facebook as Social Media

Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Sean MacEntee Photo Courtesy of Flickr: Sean MacEntee

Do you consider Facebook to be social media and think that your business wouldn’t benefit from it? Think again. In a recent All Facebook blog post, the Global Director of Small Business at Facebook commented:

Think of it as a marketing strategy. If you want to reach a huge number of people, or just a small subset that matter to you, Facebook is a place you can do it. Facebook is not about trying to make a post go viral. That’s not a sustainable strategy for your business. Making a post go viral does not get people to walk in your door. We can solve real business objectives for people — getting more application downloads, getting new customers, getting people to walk in the door. We want people to think of Facebook not as a social media platform, the way they were five or six years ago, but as a real marketing platform where big business, small business, and everything in between can go to solve their business problems.

It’s an interesting take, saying Facebook isn’t social media. Many would consider it the epitome of social media. But the point that you can reach a large number of your audience members on Facebook to solve real business problems is key.

What are your goals and how can you us Facebook to accomplish them?

It’s important to remember you shouldn’t post on Facebook without a plan. What are your business objectives? Are you looking to increase foot traffic, website visits, or application downloads? These goals should guide your Facebook activity. 

As you generate posts to accomplish these goals, make sure your efforts are trackable. For example, use tagged links for specific campaigns. There are several tools you can pay for but Google’s URL Builder works well for this purpose and it's free.

Avoid the temptation to aim for viral.

We personally like how this comment mentions viral posts and how these aren’t the end goal. Viral social activity does help build brand recognition, your fan base, and likely website traffic. But it doesn’t directly equal more sales. So avoid the temptation to focus completely on post views or impressions and focus more on whether you’re reaching your business objectives.

How does your business use Facebook?