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How to Conduct a Quick Survey for Content Marketing

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the benefits of surveys for content marketing. But how do you actually conduct an effective survey? Once you decide a survey would be beneficial for your content marketing efforts, what are next steps for distributing one?

Image Credit: George Kelly Image Credit: George Kelly

Identify Your Goals

As for most digital marketing campaigns, you should identify one or two goals and focus your efforts on accomplishing them. With too many goals, you are less likely to fully accomplish any of them.

Are you trying to increase your social media engagement or fan base? Are you trying to drive website traffic or just get answers to a few questions to help with other marketing efforts? Think about these questions as you hone in on the particular tactics that are right for your industry and your campaign.

Using a Survey to Increase Social Media Engagement

Say you want to increase social media engagement. You might want to create a survey that runs on Facebook. Your Facebook survey should:

  1. Be brief. People are jumping around from post to post on Facebook, so if you have too many questions or the questions are too long, your audience will lose interest.
  2. Be engaging. Facebook is a place where people go to catch up with friends and socialize. It’s a form of entertainment for many users. So as much as possible, show your brand personality through your survey. Humor goes a long way!
  3. Promote it. We’ve said it before. Any given brand can only reach about 7 percent of its audience organically because of Facebook’s algorithm. To get better exposure for your survey you’ll need to promote it through Facebook ads and sponsored posts. Influencer marketing is also a great way to promote your survey.

Using a Survey to Drive Website Traffic

If your main goal is to drive website traffic, then you can accomplish this in two ways:

  1. Host the survey on your website and promote it. Having a survey on your website gives people another reason to stop by when they might not otherwise. Some good ways to promote your survey include social media, email campaigns, and paid search advertising.
  2. Publish the survey results on your website. Once the survey is closed and responses are in, compile the results in a dynamic way and publish them on your website. Color charts and graphs, infographics, and word art are all ways you can make the data more visually appealing. 

Create Incentives to Increase Survey Participation

In case your audience is not particularly compelled to take the survey without getting much in return, consider adding some incentives to boost participation. Special offers and sweepstakes can get people more excited about filling out the form. Use these when appropriate for your overall goals.

Survey Service Providers

Ready to undertake a survey but not sure which survey platform to use? Here are some popular options:

SurveyMonkey has a range of survey options from free to paid. You can host it on your site, include a link in email, or host it on social media, including Facebook. Paid versions allow you to tailor questions based on answers, kind of like a “choose your own adventure” book. 

KwikSurveys also has free and paid versions. Their free plan includes unlimited questions, answers, and comes with full results exporting capabilities. 

SurveyGizmo has several pricing plans starting at $15 a month. It’s easy to use, and offers advanced question functionality and a range of reporting features based on your plan.

These are just a few tips and tools but they should get you started as you begin developing your content marketing survey!