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Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Coach Might Be Right for You

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There is a raging debate (well, maybe not raging, but an emphatic debate) over whether certain aspects or all of digital marketing should be handled in-house or if it should be outsourced. Major thought leaders of all types have weighed in both for and against outsourcing things like social media management, content marketing, SEO and PPC. The reality is that there are reasons for both approaches and every business needs to make the decision that has the best return on investment for them.

Oftentimes outsourcing a particular marketing tactic, especially when your business expertise is not in that area, makes financial sense. For instance, if your business expertise is financial advising and you personally never use social media, then spending a few hours a day reading articles, writing content, choosing images and sharing across social networks, not to mention trying to engage audiences through liking, following, commenting, etc., is a waste of time and opportunity. By spending time on something that is not your expertise, you are losing money that could be made focusing on what you do best.

That said, the most relevant content comes from people who best understand your business. Who knows your business best? You do!  So if the size and capacity of your organization allows your best case scenario is to have someone within your organization managing your digital marketing.  With that in mind, we would be remise to not offer digital marketing coaching as a service so we can teach you how to leverage your expertise. I’d like to share a bit more about what that means and why it might be of value to you.

How Does Coaching Work?

Digital marketing coaching offered by a digital marketing firm like ours focuses on the areas of most importance to you. As an inbound marketing agency we are particularly concerned with the entire sales cycle and capturing prospective customers at every stage. So we will review your current marketing efforts and offer insight into possible missed opportunities and red flags.

As we identify those key areas of opportunity we can hone in on what you are able to handle in-house but where you might need a bit of big picture expertise. For instance, say you have an in-house SEO who is having difficulty with Google penalties. You’ve made changes and requested Google to re-evaluate but to no avail. Our team can provide additional ideas with checklists of items to work through. Through conversation we can better equip your team to handle those larger challenges.

Coaching is focused on developing the capabilities within your business. Sometimes having an additional set of eyes and particularly an outside perspective can bring insight that you wouldn’t otherwise have. We’ve all had the experience of staring at a challenge for hours and seeing right past the problem. Then when someone new looks at it, or if you can look at it with a “new” set of eyes after a good night’s rest, then the problem stands out immediately.

Coaching not only offers that additional set of eyes, and outside perspective, but you also have years of agency experience building up your team for success. 

Ultimately our goal as coaches is to largely work ourselves out of a job. We want your team to succeed and if by providing our expertise through coaching you’re able to improve your digital marketing, grow your business, and ultimately not need us, then we consider that a win!

When Does Coaching Not Make Sense?

As mentioned earlier, if your core competency isn’t SEO, PPC, copywriting, etc., then it can make a lot of sense to outsource to a dedicated agency staff. Our team dives into each client’s business as if it were our own. Our wide range of industry experience gives us a familiarity with a number of business models. But every business is unique and we won’t pretend to know your business completely right away. Our passion for growing businesses enables us to learn quickly and efficiently. And our in-depth knowledge of digital marketing enables us to broaden your businesses reach online in an effective way.

For more information on coaching give us a holler!

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