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Why Google's Integration With Twitter Is Big

In case you didn't know, Google and Twitter have recently come to a new agreement where Google can access Twitter's API ("the firehose") in order for tweets to appear in Google search results. This used to be the case when Twiter was new, then they broke up. Now they are getting back together.

This is important because as digital marketers, we are always on the lookout for ways to integrate our efforts. If Twitter and Google are not linked, then digital marketers end up having different strategies for ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs), and being found on Twitter. When the two are connected we get more bang for our buck. Our Twitter efforts can help us rank higher on SERPs. 

Now that we know Twitter activity can help our SERP ranking, again, the next step is to know how Twitter activity helps so that we can build on what works, and forget about what doesn't. To help with this process, Dustin.TV created this nifty little infographic explaining some basics. 

3 Tips to Get Your Tweets Indexed by Google

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Provide Value to Readers

If you're familiar with our content, you might already know that we are big advocates of providing value to an audience, rather than trying to game the system. Looking at the above infographic you could extrapolate that you simply need to get more followers, add more hashtags, and get yourself retweeted or mentioned a lot of times.

All of that is good, but how you go about it is key. Hopefully you're not buying followers and paying for mentions because in the long run, that won't help you. What truly will benefit your brand is offering meaningful contributions to the conversation.

Develop real relationships with your Twitter contacts and you'll naturally achieve the followers, retweets and mentions. But you have to be proactive about it. The success you're looking for won't just fall in your lap.

Justifying Your Activity

A lot of digital marketers, and social media marketers specifically, find themselves in a position where they need to justify their activity to higher ups. They need to explain what they're doing and tie their efforts more directly with revenue generation.

All of this is reasonable because businesses need to be strategic about their resources. The good news about the integration of Google and Twitter is that social media continues to make more sense to businesses. As you build your Twitter audience, you're again more likely to rank well on Google, and that in turn provides a return on investment that the C-suite is looking for.

Keep It Up

The moral of the story here is keep up the hard, but rewarding, work of building your online audience. Invest energy into developing an authoritative presence and contribute meaningfully to online conversations. As you build those connections and see your follower count grow, you'll be happy to know your efforts are paying off in more ways than one.