Through the Spyglass


Why Now is the Time to Make a Commitment to Instagram

You already know that Instagram users are very excited about the mobile app. You probably use it yourself or know many people who do. But you’re a business person, and Instagram doesn’t make business sense. Right?

Wrong. Data is beginning to show the opposite. Instagram is now the second most widely used social network in the United States. Your company should consider investing resources into making Instagram a prominent way to connect with consumers. While this is especially the case for retailers, it is also relevant to any brand reaching 12 to 34-year-olds.

Engaged User Base

Not only has Instagram surpassed Twitter in number of users, but it's also excelling in engagement of those users. According to a Socialbakers report, Instagram is beating Twitter in post engagement, brand interactions, and total profile actions. Brands should take notice when such major shifts occur in the social space.

Simplicity is Key

Instagram has stayed true to its core of being an image-based platform without a lot of bells and whistles. And many users seem compelled by this consistent approach to delivering content. Even though there is only one hyperlink allowed per account (in the user's profile), there is still a lot of conversion potential for brands. Marketers should familiarize themselves with the environment within Instagram, establish the appropriate strategy to engage users, and see how this impacts their bottom line.

Focus on the Purchase

Despite being allowed only one hyperlink per user profile within Instagram, there are ways for retailers to generate sales in an efficient way. In the past, most brands have relied on customers leaving the app to open a browser and search for the brand in order to potentially make a purchase. As you can imagine, the multiple step process lowers conversion rates, along with making accurate reporting difficult. But more brands are getting savvy with changing the one live URL for different campaigns. Marketers can caption images with "click the link in our profile" to encourage more purchases.

Additionally, a newly popular product called Like2Buy is making it easier for retailers to generate sales through the app. This program makes Instagram more shoppable by leading users to a dedicated shopping page showing all the products featured in your profile. No more leaving the app to search for your product; it can be just a click away.