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How Online Coaching Can Propel Your Business Growth

Online coaching might be just the thing to make your business a part of the minority that remains successful after 10 years. Since 70-80 percent of businesses fail within a decade, you need to be strategic to be different, right? Your business strategy, leadership and marketing are essential for success. And with over 85 percent of people in the United States using the Internet, how you market your business online could make all the difference between success and failure.

Yet many businesses owners and marketing leaders dive into online marketing without the information they need to be successful. To be frank, there are a lot of hit and miss efforts mixed with half-hearted campaigns in the Internet space. Marketers put content on the web just to say they did but they dont know how to track their efforts back to legitimate profit that will boost their business. Ultimately, this approach will lose you money, both through inefficient use of resources and damaged brand perception among your audience.

So why dont businesses invest more into strategic online marketing? They usually dont know where to start or they have heard fuzzy terminology that turns them off to the process. They wonder whether their social media fan count moves the needle on their sales.

Where to start your online marketing efforts.

As I mentioned, one thing that turns people off from investing in online marketing is that they just dont know where to start. They consider websites, search engines, social media, and online advertising, and they feel like their head is going to explode.

Most businesses deal with limited budgets, and marketers have bosses keeping them accountable to the bottom line. Each effort gets evaluated and picked apart, so it can seem scary to experiment in uncharted territory for your brand.

This is where coaching becomes invaluable. A marketing coach can help you create a plan that is manageable and scalable within your budget and your market demands. By discussing your goals the coach will evaluate the most effective course of action for your situation.

How to verify results and show ROI.

The second reason people often steer clear of a comprehensive online marketing strategy is because they dont know how to verify their results. All they hear are fuzzy metrics that they cant point directly back to their bottom line.

However, online marketing efforts can be traced back to ROI with the right planning and tools. Wouldnt it be great to gauge how many people saw a Facebook post and purchased a product because of it? Its totally possible. Or what about someone who reads a blog, downloads an e-book, and calls a sales person for more info? Yep also possible to report on and analyze.

An online marketing coach can walk you through the options relevant to your marketing campaigns and overall goals. Investing in a coach will make all your marketing efforts more effective.

So who needs an online coach?

There are three common scenarios where people can benefit the most from online marketing coaching:

The “Do-It-Yourself Business Owner

We speak with a lot of small business owners and sole-proprietors who are either one-person shops or just have very small teams and keep things in-house due to budget reasons or to maintain control. Theres nothing inherently wrong with this approach; however, effective online marketing requires certain knowledge that these business people might not have, nor do they have the time to research on their own.

So rather than spending hours learning about something in a vacuum, this DIY business person could benefit from a coach kick-starting their learning experience, as well as reviewing work as they go. Another set of eyes looking over strategy and campaigns while providing expert insight will enable the business person to maintain a lot of control in-house while having expert input on their online marketing efforts.

The “Playing Catch-Up Marketing Director

Its amazing how many director-level marketing professionals of established companies have simply not familiarized themselves with all or parts of effective online marketing strategy. Its not uncommon for a marketing director to be very accomplished in managing traditional marketing campaigns, but eventually realize, “Shoot, I guess we should do something with our Facebook account,” and not know what that looks like.

An online marketing coach helps bring individuals up to speed. Coaches help sift through the online clutter, guiding professionals to the most relevant online learning materials and case studies. Why work in a vacuum when you can see whats worked and not worked for other brands? And in an industry that moves so quickly, having access to someone who is up to date on the most recent changes can save you a lot of frustration.

Coaches can also provide outside perspective to marketers who might be in a pattern of applying the same formula over and over. If things stay the same your growth will plateau. Allow a coach to help shift your perspective to incorporate whats worked while tying in new concepts.

The Well-Intentioned New Hire

Many businesses want to keep work in-house for a number of understandable reasons. But in order to keep costs low they hire recent graduates with little-to-no experience. While recent grads bring a lot of valuable traits, like a fresh perspective, there are some challenges with hiring at this level. This is especially true if theyre working in digital marketing and have little instruction from their superiors, either because superiors are busy or because digital marketing is not their area of expertise.

While these new hires could be left to fend for themselves, and they may eventually develop meaningful work, everyone could save a lot of time and heartache if the new hire had a little expert instruction from the get-go. Additionally, while people who have grown up with smart phones and social media may have a lot of Instagram friends, they likely don’t know industry best practices for improving business sales. Enter the digital marketing coach who can help train your new hire and hone their already sharp Internet savviness.

Digital marketing coaches can help get new hires on a path for success by implementing a plan to guide them in the most relevant areas of digital marketing for their position. A coach can also be a second set of eyes before they turn something in to their boss for review, saving their boss a lot of back and forth time with the new hire.

So while many small businesses have their new hires hit the ground running with little industry training, a coach can provide a growth plan that coincides with current projects, making their work that much more impactful.

How to get started.

So how can you work with an online coach in an effective way? Rather than paying large sums per hour and not having access in-between sessions, we’re offering a coaching program for people who want tactical advice conducive for their flexible schedules. Click below to learn more and sign up.