Through the Spyglass


How Online Coaching Works to Boost Your Business

How many professional sports teams do you know of that don’t have coaches? Or professional athletes that don’t work with trainers of some sort? It’s largely assumed that professional teams and athletes would utilize these types of experts, but not professionals in other industries. Why is that?

You might consider a supervisor as a coach in professional environments. But often the supervisor doesn’t have experience related to all the responsibilities of a particular professional. Sort of like a track and field coach who doesn’t have specific experience in pole vaulting. The coach can do a lot of great things for the team as a whole, especially related to practice accountability and administration, but teaching the best techniques for pole vaulting might not be his or her forte. 

I've previously written about types of individuals who can benefit from a marketing coach. You can check out that post here. Now I'd like to talk about how a marketing coach can help you specifically. Let's dive in.

Set Goals

Sometimes people just don't know where to start when it comes to learning a new skill or accomplishing a certain task. For a business owner trying to market her business online, or a recent social media hire flexing his social media muscles in a new job, getting past the first few major steps can be a challenge. Imagine you need to set up a Facebook page for your business. Determining what images to use and what information to share about your company can seem a little daunting. A coach will help you think through those challenges.

Or for the individuals who already have a presence on social media, or paid search campaigns set up in Adwords, a coach will help you understand what's working and what's not. Your coach will help you determine benchmarks you want to reach and how to achieve them. When you've hit a plateau, your coach will get you to the next level.


Once goals are established it's easy to fall into a routine and let priorities other than online marketing creep in. Perhaps you skip some publishing deadlines, or leave your social media accounts inactive for a few weeks. Without a coach you might not push yourself to see what results can be achieved through continual action. A coach will help keep you accountable to the goals you've set, and will remind you of what's possible when you follow a proven plan.

Now you might think you don't need accountability – that's what your boss or your investors are there for. But your boss or investors are probably not aware of the details of the marketing plan you've laid out, and what could be accomplished if you continue to publish quality content and continue to optimize those Adwords campaigns. A knowledgeable coach will know when to push you harder and when to recommend a slight change of course to improve or experiment.

Sanity Check

It can be nerve-wracking to publish something hundreds or thousands of people will see. You might wonder if your email campaign will hit the mark, or if your social media images are going to be the most effective. Or perhaps you're wondering whether one set of keywords is better than another for your search engine optimization efforts. An online marketing coach is a great source for bouncing ideas off of to make sure you're still moving in the right direction. 

Have you ever stared at something for so long, you don't remember what looks good and what doesn't? Perhaps you've desensitized yourself to the oddities of what you’re looking at, making everything seem normal. But then you take a step back or someone else looks at it and you realize that something is off. This is another value of coaches. Having that second set of eyes looking over a plan could either validate your thoughts or help you see missing components that should be included. 


Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. You want to learn about a new marketing tactic but the more you learn, the more you realize how much more is out there. We may never know everything there is to know about a certain subject, but we can know enough to do a good job and to grow our business. A marketing coach can help you understand when you know enough of what is needed to get the job done well. And the coach will also develop a plan to expose you to the right concepts to further your learning and growth.

There are always new publications, tools and concepts popping up, especially in the digital marketing space. It's easy to fall behind when you're focusing on your day-to-day activities. A marketing coach helps prevent those blind spots from getting too big by exposing you to the latest trends and providing an expedited way to stay informed about the most important concepts. 

Ready to get started working with a marketing coach or still have a few more questions? Check out our one-on-one coaching program to see if it's right for you.