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Why Email Is Still A Marketer’s Best Friend

Email Marketing Best Practices

Many a person has predicted the extinction of email marketing. It’s true that email marketing can be used poorly and has gotten a bad rap as a result. But email continues to perform as one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s toolbox. One just needs to use it wisely. Here are five reasons why email marketing should be a primary tactic included in your digital marketing strategy.

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1. You Can Get Your Customers to Spend More

When marketed through email, consumers spend 138 percent more than people who don’t receive email offers (Convince and Convert). 

Email continues to be an effective revenue tool for marketers. You can encourage customers to purchase more, and purchase more frequently. Of course, this should all be done while having an understanding of your audience, what their needs are, and what they're looking for from you. Sending an email isn't a magic solution. But email as a tool, paired with effective strategy, can be very useful and motivating for customers.

2. Email Can Be Read Anywhere

In fact, 48 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device (Litmus).

It's important to remember that your customers are on the move. They need to have information delivered where they are, when they're ready to read it. Email is a useful way to reach customers since they can check it through their mobile devices. But again, marketers need to be aware of the use of mobile in their email campaigns, and not just expect it to be delivered nicely no matter what device it's read on. Double check to make sure your email messages are mobile friendly before sending. 

3. Nearly Everyone Has an Email Account and Checks it Daily

Nowadays, 95 percent of online consumers use email, according to a recent poll (ExactTarget). And 91 percent of U.S. consumers with email are checking their accounts daily. That means a vast majority of your audience are checking their email daily. Why wouldn't you want your company to have customers' attention in that space?

4. They're Looking For Good Deals

If you think you have a good deal to offer your consumers, then they're probably ready to consider it... via email. 72 percent of consumers sign up for emails because they want to get discounts, but only 8.2 percent sign up because they love the brand (BlueHornet). So keep both in mind as you create your email strategy. Think about how you can show you value your email subscribers to keep them interested. And while you're at it, make them fall in love with your brand.

5. Many Consumers Prefer Email Communication Over Other Forms

48 percent of consumers say that they prefer to communicate with brands via email (Direct Marketing News). If you want to keep your customers happy, communicate in the way they prefer. Some like social media best, some like telephone calls, but not much compares to the expediency, efficiency and convenience of email. Customers can read it when they’re good and ready, and all the information they need to make their decision is a click away.

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