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Three Great Examples of Businesses Implementing Content Marketing

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine content marketing used in full force. What I mean by that is seeing how content marketing is an integral part of a company’s DNA, not just something slapped on the side of their overall marketing efforts. But to see remarkable results from content, integrating it deeply in the company’s DNA is essential. All stakeholders need to get on board and people from many different parts of the company should contribute to its production. That can be hard to do, to be sure. But it’s possible. Here are three examples of companies doing it well.


I wanted to start with a B2B example because many B2Bs still don’t realize how important it is to integrate content marketing into their overall marketing efforts. Deloitte is an example of a B2B that has gone all-in with content. Their home page is homage to their dedication.

When you first arrive on their site you’re greeted with trending content containing top-notch analysis, case studies, articles and resources. To sort through additional content you can filter by services and industries, or just type something into the search bar.

Why is this important?

Deloitte is publishing a small sample of the knowledge resources they have available at their company. If you’re looking to utilize Deloitte, or are already working with them, having this content at your disposal further reinforces how ideal a partner they are for your business.

They’re making their already notable name ever more prevalent. Content helps with search engine optimization of course, but great industry content available as it is on their website is the kind of content people will share online as well. This further boosts their exposure as it’s shared on social media and via email between peers.

World Market

Not only does World Market have a blog that’s frequently updated with tips for home decorating and entertaining, they also have highly active social media profiles. What sets World Market apart from many other retailers, however, is how each of their updates are providing unique value to users. They are not pushing product in an annoying way. Instead they offer insightful tips that can be applied whether or not you have all of their furnishings. 

Take this Instagram post for example. If you’re into Industrial Chic, then you can apply this idea board to your home whether or not you buy all of World Market’s selections.

You also can’t miss their regular incorporation of blogger insights into their activity. Nearly every other post incorporates an influencer which substantially boosts the store’s reach and authority.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club provides a quality product that’s affordable and convenient. But in addition to that, with every delivery subscribers are gifted with hilarious content. Each shipment contains an insert that is remarkably long and yet incredibly pleasant to read. When you’re finished you are fascinated by their genius.

But their content focus doesn’t stop with their product shipments. Visit their website and you’ll find a blog updated nearly every day with surprisingly helpful (albeit socially uncouth) life tips. Take the blog category “It’s Not a Stupid Question” for example. The latest hits have included, “Why Is It So Bad to Pick My Nose?” and “Why Does Asparagus Make My Pee Smell?”

And for those who have missed the Sunday crossword puzzle ever since they canceled their print newspaper delivery, there’s Rompecabeza. These regular games will satisfy your word game cravings.

But why does a razor subscription service focus so much on content? By showcasing irreverent humor they win over audiences. Each social media outlet has original content encouraging fans to follow each one. And the more users get sucked in, the more they use the products and invite their friends to do so as well. Sharing is caring after all.