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Top Priority for B2Bs: Lead Generation

If you’re a business owner or marketing director you know the challenges first hand to growing your business. You need access to potential customers and then you need to provide them with relevant information to help them make their purchasing decisions.

A recent report showed that the top priority for B2Bs in 2016 was generating more leads and demand for their products and services.


There are a number of ways new leads can be generated:

  • Attending conventions
  • Traditional advertising
  • Outside sales
  • Paid and organic digital marketing

The first three options can take a lot of money and may or may not have defined metrics for calculating success. An advertisement in a magazine might have a coupon code, but otherwise, gauging sales from a magazine ad can be challenging and costly.

Why Digital Marketing is Key to Generating More Leads and Demand

Digital marketing is key to generating more leads and demand for a few reasons:

1.       Everyone is buying online

Okay, not literally everyone. But of nearly 320 million people in the US, nearly 290 million use the internet. And those people are buying stuff, too. 77% of internet users made at least one purchase through a digital channel in 2016.


2.       You can track your results

Whatever channel you use to get content in front of customers digitally, you can track it. Whether you’re implementing paid advertising, organic marketing, social media, email, or influencer marketing, there are amazing tools to check the ROI for each effort. That way you can build on what works and optimize your activities.

3.       Deliver full funnel engagement

With digital marketing you can reach customers where they are, when they are interested in hearing from you. You can connect with your ideal audience through retargeting, email triggers, and smart content for example. Deliver relevant information in the moment the customer indicates they are looking for what you can provide.

Using Content to Deliver More Leads and Demand in 2017

We know that generating more leads and demand was a top priority in 2016 for B2Bs. And we’ve discussed why digital is key to accomplishing that. But even more specifically, let’s discuss how to achieve this goal.

With digital you have an amazing ability to get in front of your customers at the time that they are looking for what you provide. And you can do it in more effective and affordable ways than ever possible before.

However, what you put in front of your customers will make or break your opportunity.

Marketers have the essential task of putting relevant, quality, and compelling content in front of their target audience.

Content marketing is the process of giving information to your audience in a way that bonds them to you.

You are offering them solutions to their needs. You’re educating them on ways to achieve what they hope. And you’re letting them know that your business is the ultimate answer.

That’s why we place content at the center of all of our activities. Without quality content it’s hard to communicate to your audience that you can truly help them. Whether our clients are creating their own content, or we’re creating it on their behalf, there needs to be a content plan in place for generating new leads and demand.

What strategies do you use to generate new leads? Share in the comments or on social media.